Here is some aerial footage of bhood dudes screwing around at the park


Happy Fathers Day From the Bhood Crew

Here is a funny little video from our Friends at Volcom Stone Showing you how to get Rad with your Dad.


Bag of Tricks "Diamond Grind"

Our friends from Diamond Grind brought over this flat bar that they made out of concrete. This was a perfect opportunity to test out the new Gopro and get some of the Brotherhood team riders out. The bag of tricks is a quick and dirty concept so sloppy edit and sketchy skating, as long as it gets handled! Come check out all of the Diamond Grind Rails this Sunday, April 14th at Brotherhood Board Shop. Also Brotherhood is now a Gopro Dealer so step your game up and get one of these fancy little cameras.

Bag of tricks-"Diamond Grind" from jon lohne on Vimeo.



Here is a video made by my friend Jay Masonek, I had a copy on my hard drive and after realizing that not many people had a chance to check it out I decided it was time to post it up. This video features many of the Santa Rosa dudes shredding back in the day. Enjoy and Happy Valentines.

"Radicalifornia" from jon lohne on Vimeo.


Last day at Foley Street DIY. -RIP