C1RCA TACO TOUR BHOOD from jon lohne on Vimeo.


Brotherhood board shop is located in Santa Rosa California. It is the only board rider owned skate shop in town. Unlike zumies or the vans store in the mall it caters to the core skate, snow and surf riders of Santa Rosa. In the mall you have Skate works which caters more toward the lifestyle kids and in Sebastopol California you have one shop that is also skateboarder owned it is called Quinn Brothers Board shop owned by Kevin Quinn. Kevin is a really good skateboarder and many of the local Sebastopol skate park kids look up to him for his abilities to shred the gnar. In Santa Rosa there is also a shop called Ski and Sport that is a good place to by Skis and sporting goods. Brotherhood is owned by local skateboarder and snow boarder and occasional surfer, “jon lohne”. Jon has been skating in the santa rosa area since 1997. Before that he lived in Portland Oregon and learned how to skate at spots like burnside skatepark. Skateboarding has given jon many opportunities to meet some of his favorite pros like, tony hawk, tony Trujillo, Josh Powner, Mark Gonzales, Mike Mo Capaldi, Mark Johnson, Brandon Biebel, Matt beach, Lizard King, Mike Rusczyk, Silas Baxter Neil, and many many more. Life is good if you snowboard skate or surf. Life is good if you rollerblade, ski, snakeboard or wake board just not as good. Live it!